Subaru Engine Repair

Our shop provides high-quality repair services of internal combustion engines by Subaru. Engine is the heart of the car. Its flawless performance and lifespan directly depend on how precisely engine modules are tuned. Due to the complexity of work and strict requirements for precision and quality, this job can only be entrusted to a skilled mechanic.

The scope of Subaru engine repair services includes repairs of all complexity levels and a general tune-up. Our repair shop is fully equipped with various professional tools to perform engine repairs using only the original manufacturer parts.

Subaru Engine

Here at we perform the following services for your Subaru vehicle:

  • Oil Leak Services
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Coolant Leak Diagnosis
  • Fuel Pump Replacement
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Ignition Service and Repair
  • Head Gasket Replacement
  • Water Pump Service and Repair
  • Radiator Hose and Fan Replacement
  • Engine Repair/Replacement/Overhaul
Subaru engines are famous for their reliability and remarkable lifespan.
There are several Subaru engine series:

EC – dual-stroke gasoline
EY – four-stroke gasoline with valves on sides (boxer engines)
EH – four-stroke gasoline engines with valves on top
EX – four-stroke gasoline engines with crankshaft on top
DY – diesel engines.

Subaru engines stand out for their high durability and low maintenance. In fact, their lifespan increases particularly due to the use of the dual-element air purification system, steel crankshaft, electrical ignition, and cast iron cylinder sleeves. Subaru engines are also notable for their reliability as a result of a well thought-out system of a special form cooling channels on the cylinder block. Consequently, the oil temperature control remains optimal at all times. Therefore, due to low wear, Subaru engines require minimal maintenance.These engines are also known for low oil consumption through the lubrication conditions optimization and maximized crankshaft efforts, because of the vertical cylinder position in four-stroke Subaru engines. Advanced oil ring structure and good crankcase ventilation both help significantly reduce oil consumption. Subaru engines start will a low noise level which is achieved by using a large diameter starter reel and an automatic decompression system.These engines are in compliance with all the highest-level environmental standards – the European Union Environmental policy and the Japanese Emission Standard legislation.

Such engines are low-weight and compact; using computer technology makes it possible to achieve the most efficient assembly on early stages of design. The use of high-tech materials helps reduce the overall engine weight without negatively affecting its reliability.Strengthening the crankshaft, good lubrication of connecting rods, and the cooling fan effectiveness all serve as additional technical solutions that increase durability and reliability of Subaru engines. With proper use, you will not need to service your Subaru engine for a long time.

Subaru con-rods are made out of forge steel and undergo high quality heat-treatment which helps strengthen the crankshaft. Oil openings on the engine connecting rods ensure maximum lubrication.
The work of Subaru engines is tested under most demanding and trying conditions. Manufacturers seek to achieve an optimum effect on all Subaru engines.

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