Subaru Repair Service

High technology requires professional service, and that’s what we are providing here at – Subaru repair in Phoenix area. We are an independent Subaru maintenance and repair service in Phoenix area specializing in Subaru engines & transmission. We have been working with this brand for the last ten years and believe Subaru cars are one of the best performing vehicles on the planet.

Obviously, to keep your Subaru running the way it should, regular and professional maintenance is required. In order to keep your car in good condition, you will need to have your car examined by a professional Subaru mechanic every 30000 miles, which is just an occasional visit that won’t be much of a hassle. Of course, if something breaks down unexpectedly, we will quickly get your Subaru back in shape. We understand that you want your car back as soon as possible, and will do our best to minimize the waiting time.

Subaru is the only brand we work on and such specialization allows us to provide high quality service at reasonable prices. Our equipment is meant only for Subaru engines and our mechanics have been trained to only work with Subaru cars. We specialize in vehicles with mileage, and our Subaru service is a good alternative to official dealers. We are located in Tempe, just off of 202 and Scottsdale Road. If you are a lucky Subaru owner and are here in the Valley, feel free to give us a call, or stop by, and our mechanics will take good care of your Subi.