Welcome to our website! In over 10 years of hard work with no excuses, here at Subiworx we have built a solid reputation of a great-deal repair shop among cost-savvy Subaru owners and a unique engine tuning atelier among WRX rally enthusiasts. For we love Subaru and stand by our brand.

Maintenance & Repair

Your vehicle requires regular maintenance to feel like a Subaru. Our service team is ready to help with anything related to keeping your car in top shape. And we mean, anything! From an oil change and alignment to a complete engine overhaul and body paint.


Subaru is not a regular car manufacturer. These cars are meant for unlimited performance and drivetrain upgrades. Our experienced in-house crew has spent over 20 years in combined experience making Subaru outperform others. We have gathered product kits for your attention.

$125 per hour

Always honest pricing in accordance with auto repair labor guides.

90-day warranty

Three-month warranty on labor and manufacturer terms on parts.

OEM Parts

We use original and aftermarket parts by OEM specifications.

Free Inspection

A complimentary multi-point inspection is included with every service.

Dedicated to Subaru

Your one-stop shop for Subaru service, repair, and maintenance.

Immaculate Approach

We express love for Subarus since 2012. You’ve come to the right place.

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